Wednesday 8 August 2007

Other Fish to Fry :-)

Oh well, might as well spill..

On 7th of 7th I said yes to a date with a piscean man who tried (quite a few times, actually) to get me to dip my toe into his particular pond. What made me change my mind, oh, it must have been the planets were right or something.

Have been spending a lot of time at his, an ancient tumbledowny cottage with no phone or internet connection. So thats where I have been hiding :-)

All going swimmingly at the moment.

Jelly Green Jo is coming to our watery lair next week, can't wait. We are getting our wheels out. Hope its sunny we can sit in the garden and spin a yarn :-)

Just joined an astrology site. Not great at buttony things but its called 'seduction central' and its great, have a look if you are into that sort of thing.

Am going to be around until Friday, when I am going fishing again :D

Love to them that needs it, Jackie x


Joanna said...

hello wooly ramble thing, can't wait till next week! Don't forget your wellies! x

Jackie said...

welly, jelly?

How are you feeling? Better I hope.

John is a brave man getting his house taken over by mad spinners, mwahaahaahaa.

How is the Damien Hirst/lesser spotted kiwi coming along? Cant wait to meet it :D

So exciting x