Thursday 9 August 2007


Was intrigued by a post made as a reply to a blog comment I made (still with me? Good stuff!). Its an astrology site (the aforementioned Seduction Central - at my age I need all the help I can get). Apparently I should try to write fiction as I have some likely planets. (No, Jo, nothing to do with uranus before you say it...)

Easy, thats it , I shall write.

Now, all I need is an idea.

I will ask my three regular readers to give me suggestions for a story theme.


C'mon, I will dedicate my first best-seller to the winner.

I truly cannot wait....

love j x


scotland said...

Dear Jackie, As for ideas I have many. Something involving reincarnation,the internet,intuition, syncronicity,history,self expression,individual tranformation, social struggle and the 5th dimension all wrapped up together around a love story and a search for truth would be one specific track.
I'm so very glad to find you back at it for a time.
If you give me a better picture of what you would like to attempt I would love to give better suggestions. If you are pulling my leg,then the laugh can be shared all around. Love Scotland

Jackie said...

Dear Scotland

The original post was made with my tongue in my cheek. TBH part of the reason for that is lack of self-confidence.

I suppose there is only one way to start and that is to get on and do it.

Am going to be away for a few days from today, so won't see any mail. Please do write with suggestions.

The thoughts I have had are along the lines you mention, the metaphysical. Its just knowing where to start.

Thanks for your support, love jackie xxx

PS, my mailbox is going to get full and start bouncing. I will send you another address that doesn't get full, as I know you have limited access to the net and 'bouncers' will be frustrating for you. Love j x

Jackie said...

Wow Scotland, just read your post again and what a story that would be.


Going to take my lappy to the fishpond and see what I come up with.

Love j x

Jara said...

Suggestion: start keeping a journal and the idea will flow from there. Writing is expressing your creativity and that has to come from being inspired.

Jackie said...

Hi Jara!

Great to see you here and thanks for the tip.

I shall start my journal tomorrow.

Best wishes, jackie xxx