Friday 17 August 2007


There are some truly wonderful people in this world, ready to help others for no payback other than the joy of sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm. I was lucky enough to spend the day in the company of one such person, Jo. She drove hours to see me, fixed up my spinning wheel and got me going. Not only that, but she had the patience of a saint, coped with my ADD admirably and the only complaint I have is that she didn't touch the chocolate cake I had so I have had to eat it all myself.

Thanks Jo, you really are a star. I had a great time with you and learned lots.

Love jackie x


Marianne said...

Jo really truly is an exceptional sweetheart, and what a wonderful time to have with her!

Joanna said...

Ahhh, look at you both, really there is just no need, get off with you!

Jackie said...

She's gone all bashful :D

Mwahhhahhhaaa :D

Have a great weekend Jelly, catch you Monday.

Love Jackie x