Monday 10 September 2007

New Year

New school year that is. My youngest started her new college today, she is really excited and enthusiastic about it.

Tonight I was involved in her agonising decision 'what to wear'. Its her first year out of uniform and it matters, a lot. This girl has a room full of clothes but none of them go together (apparently), or make the right statement. I was subjected to a parade of different outfits. The one she chose was very, very, short shorts and a vest top.

Then a terrible thing happened.

I turned into my mother......

Me: 'Do you think that shorts are appropriate for college, Lu?'

Lu: 'Everyone is wearing them'

Me: 'you look like you are going to the beach'

Lu: (prancing about in front of mirror) 'do you think I look too..... leggy?

Me: 'Weeeeel, they are very short Lu'

Lu: 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!' (please excuse caps but it was the only way to convey the DRAMA of that moment.)

Lu flounces (she does that so beautifully) upstairs to try something else. Then comes back downstairs in an even shorter skirt, then and even shorter pair of shorts, then a belt - er, sorry, skirt.

Me: (sensing defeat) 'well, if the other girls wear shorts then I suppose its ok, maybe with some opaque tights?'

Lu: 'Thats for the winter, its still summer.'

At that moment I realised that I had turned into my mother. I was horrified. I remembered the arguments I would have with my own mum about what I was wearing and remembered what was like to be 17 and realised that in the great scheme of things it didn't really matter if she wore shorts.

I turned to Lu and said 'You are young, you have a great figure and legs, you wear your shorts Lu.'

She then turned to me and said 'Oh, its ok. I have decided to wear something else'.

I have two years of this......


Marianne said...

heh, so very typical. at quite a young age and would get fairly pissed when the guys tended to 'talk to the breasts'.. she in turn started wearing more modest clothes, plus she was a skater.

Joanna said...

I've always looked this way, and I'm never going to sound like my mother, at least I'm not going to have a problem wth Neo, unless he starts cross dressing and wearing makeup but then again I would only encourage him in an ab fab kind of way!

Jackie said...

Hi Marianne. I know how Havala (that is a lovely name, btw) feels having been an early developer myself. In fact it still happens but I don't worry about it so much now as they divert attention from my face :D

Jo, I said I wouldn't sound like my mother too :D

John has three sons and his bugbear are those trousers they wear with the crotch down by the knees and three inches of underpant showing at the top. I must admit that when they are visiting I am sorely tempted to hoik them up!

Love Jackie xxxx