Tuesday 4 September 2007

Can't believe it....

Its been so long.

Not much has happened. Been spending a fair amount of time with Mr Pisces. He is so busy at work though, not much time for splashing in the rockpools with his crabbess :(

My daughter made the front page of the local newspaper after having achieved a whole bunch of A* results for her exams. Proud mum moment.....

Finally finished all the form filling for my degree course and have been told I can get funding and am all set to start, pencil sharpened. Better get new specs, just broke the arm off my last pair and am finally forced to admit I can't read without them.

Went to the National Portrait Gallery with both daughters, had a lovely time there and we went for lunch to cafe Italia just off leicester square then they dragged me around covent garden for an hour or two. Have told them I will go to London but only to galleries/museums, NO SHOPPING - so they sneaked it in at the end when I was too tired to object (much). Load of expensive tourist tat, including pet stones and names made from wire (Why?)

Just off to roast a squash for dinner, lu wants squash soup and cornbread. Scraped together my last couple of quid to buy the ingredients. That day out in london left me skinter than a skint thing.

Off to catch up with JellyJo's blog, see what the dear gel has been up too.

If any of my regs are still checking in then big hugs to you, if not then I understand entirely.

Love to them that needs it. j xxx


Marianne said...

Congratulations to your daughter, and yes, understandably, a very proud mum moment!

Sounds like it was a busy time...I love squash soup, butternut?
Pet stones, of course I have them but I found them on my own...no price tag but for the time walking and looking :^) oh and that picking them up and asking if they'd like to come home with me.

Jackie said...

LOL Marianne

Its so much more fun to find your own pet stones isn' it. Lucy daughter has a collection and I had a very rude shaped one that has disappeared somewhere - I used to have it on my desk at work. Passers by my desk would often pick it up and then realise what it reminded them of and put it down rather quickly :D

The squash was butternut, still a very underused and underrated veg here. The check out girls at the supermarket often have to ask me what it is when they ring it up. Shame as they are gorgeous aren't they. I roast em with the spuds for sunday lunch, bake them with stuffing and make soup with them.

Tried to grow my own this year but our summer was so wet that the slug population exploded and they got eaten. It was so sad to see my beloved seedlings munched up. I tried a slug-pub but I think mine must have been on the wagon because they didn't fall for it (groan, sorry!).

Well Marianne, its good to see you here again.

Love jackie xxxx

Joanna said...

If the dogs don't get there first our slugs are very partial too cat biscuits, they actually come in through the back door in the evenings and congregate at the biscuit bowl, like some kind of slug rave!

Jackie said...

Hey Jo!

Can just imagine them all raving around the dish, that image made me smile. I will try cat biscuits in the slug pub next year, maybe they didn't like my cheap lager :D

Castedded on for one square, have a rather nice ball of grey Jaeger dk lying around, can't think of a better use for it.

You are right though, 10" is longer than you would expect ;-)

If anyone is wondering, Jo is sending some squares to the US to make into blankets for the families of the lost miners. Hopefully it will bring them some comfort that people all over the world are thinking of them and their loss.

So, if you knit, read this and want to do a square or two then get in touch with Jo.

All five readers could make a huge contribution if they set their minds to it.

Wonder if Scotland can knit? :D

Marianne said...

Oh! I'm glad I came back to read comments! LOL indeed! I have a (probably) similar shaped rock, had it up on the mantle...it's still in an unpacked box... when I manage to get it unpacked I'll take a photo.
I'm knitting squares for the Miner's Blankie Project.
MMMMM, yes indeed, butternut squash. Lovely squash.